Henning Stichtenoth: Towers of algebraic function fields

For a function field $ F / \mathbb{F}_q$ we denote by $ g(F)$, resp. $ N(F)$, the genus, resp. the number of $ \mathbb{F}_q$ - rational places of $ F$. The Hasse-Weil theorem gives an upper bound for $ N(F)$ in terms of $ q$ and $ g(F)$. For large genus, this bound is improved essentially by the Drinfeld-Vladut bound. We present some towers $ F_0 \subseteq F_1 \subseteq \ldots$ of function fields $ F_n / \mathbb{F}_q$ such that the number of rational places of $ F_n$ is close to the Drinfeld-Vladut bound as $ n \to \infty$. The function fields $ F_n$ are described explicitly by very simple equations. (joint work with Arnaldo Garcia and others)


Juscelino Bezerra, Arnaldo Garcia, and Henning Stichtenoth.
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(preprint), 2004.

Arnaldo Garcia and Henning Stichtenoth.
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Arnaldo Garcia, Henning Stichtenoth, and Hans-Georg Rück.
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