List of Publications 2008

Edge offset meshes in Laguerre geometry.

H. Pottmann, P. Grohs, and B. Blaschitz.
Geometry Preprint, Nr. 190/2008

4-Points Congruent Sets for Robust Pairwise Surface Registration.

D. Aiger, N.J.Mitra, and D. Cohen-Or.
ACM Trans. Graphics, 27/3, Proc. SIGGRAPH (2008).

Discovering Structural Regularity in 3D Geometry.

M. Pauly, N.J. Mitra, J. Wallner, H. Pottmann and L.J Guibas.
ACM Trans. Graphics, 27/3, Proc. SIGGRAPH (2008).

Curved Folding.

M. Kilian, S. Föry, Z. Chen, N. J. Mitra, A. Sheffer and H. Pottmann.
ACM Trans. Graphics, 27/3, Proc. SIGGRAPH (2008).

Constrained Curve Fitting on Manifolds.

S. Flöry, and M. Hofer.
Computer-Aided Design 40, 1(2008).

Integral invariants for robust geometry processing.

H. Pottmann, J. Wallner, Q. Huang, and Y.-L. Yang.
Comput. Aided Geom. Design (2008), to appear.

Infinitesimally flexible meshes and discrete minimal surfaces.

J. Wallner and H. Pottmann
Monatshefte Math., 153/347-365 (2008).

On quadratic two-parameter families of spheres and their envelopes

M. Peternell, B. Odehnal, M. L. Sampoli
Comput. Aided Geom. Design 25, 342-355 (2008).

Architectural Geometry

H. Pottmann, A. Asperl, M. Hofer and A. Kilian
Bentley Institute Press (2007), 724 pages, 2200 figures in color, ISBN 978-1-934493-04-5.

Convolution surfaces of quadratic triangular Bézier surfaces

M. Peternell and B. Odehnal
Comput. Aided Geom. Design (2008).

Laguerre Minimal Surfaces, Isotropic Geometry and Linear Elasticity

H. Pottmann, P. Grohs and N.J. Mitra
Adv. Comp. Math, to appear.

Subdivision Schemes for the fair Discretization of the Spherical Motion Group

G. Nawratil and H. Pottmann
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, to appear.

The focal geometry of circular and conical meshes.

H. Pottmann and J. Wallner
Adv. Comp. Math (2008), to appear.