Poster Session

Poster Session

Theory of 2-D Non-separable Optimal M-band Wavelets and Its Applications
Li Cui, Hua Li, Yunshi Zhou

Least Squares Ellipsoid Specific Fitting
Qingde Li and J. G. Griffiths

G2 Continuity Conditions for Two Adjacent B-Spline Surfaces
Xue-Zhang Liang , Xiang-Jiu Che , Qiang Li

Adaptive Multi-resolution Fitting and its Application to Realistic Head Modeling
Chenghua Xu, Long Quan, Yunhong Wang, Tie-Niu Tang, Maxime Lhuillier

Three-Axis NC Cutter Path Generation for Subdivision Surface
Peng Wu, Hiromasa Suzuki, Joe Kuragano, Kiwamu Kase

M-Band Subdivision of Bivariate B-Splines of Uniform Partition in Three Directions
Yi-wu Zhao, Li-wen Han

Efficient Topology Construction from Triangle Soup
J C. Park, Hayong Shin, B. K. Choi, etal.

Generalized NURBS Curves and Surfaces
Qing Wang, Wei hua, Guiqing Li, Hujun Bao

BIUP3: Boundary Topological Invariant of 3D Objects Through Front Propagation at a Constant Speed
Franck Xia, Yan Chen

Optimal Mesh Signal Transforms
Hao Zhang and Hendrik C. Blok

Interpolatory Convexity preserving solution schemes for curves and surfaces
Li Aidi