Helmut Pottmann


Geometric Modeling and Industrial Geometry
Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10/104
A-1040 Vienna, Austria




Helmut Pottmann

Head of research unit Geometric Modeling and Industrial Geometry [www]
Head of Center for Geometry and Computational Design [www]

Education — Professional Experience — Research Interests:   Show Details Hide Details
  • Dr. techn. in Mathematics, Vienna University of Technology, 6/83
  • 'Mag. rer. nat.' (comparable to M.S.) in Mathematics, Vienna University of Technology, 4/82
  • Study of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry, Vienna University of Technology, 9/77-6/83

Professional Experience
  • Director, Center for Geometric Modeling and Scientific Visualization, KAUST, Saudi-Arabia
  • Visiting Chair Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 3/04 - 4/04, 5/04 - 6/04
  • Key Researcher, Competence Center 'Advanced Computer Vision', Vienna, since 7/00
  • Adjunct Professor, University of California, Davis, USA, since 6/99
  • Director, Institute of Geometry, Vienna University of Technology, 10/94-5/97
  • Professor of Geometry, Vienna University of Technology, since 3/92
  • Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Hamburg, Germany, 4/91 - 2/92
  • Visiting Associate Professor of Computer Science, Purdue University, USA, 8/90 - 4/91
  • Visiting Associate Professor of Computer Science, University Kaiserslautern, Germany, 7/89 - 6/90
  • Research stay, Center of Applied Mathematics, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany, 4/89 - 6/89
  • Assistant Professor, Institute of Geometry, Vienna University of Technology, 10/88 - 4/91
  • Habilitation in `Geometry', Vienna University of Technology, 4/86
  • 'Universitätsassistent', Institute of Geometry, TU Wien, 5/82 - 10/88

Research Interests
  • Industrial Geometry
  • Architectural Geometry
  • Discrete Differential Geometry
  • Relations between Geometry, Numerical Analysis and Approximation Theory
  • Computer Aided Geometric Design, Geometric Modelling and Computer Vision
  • Applications of Geometry in Manufacturing
  • Kinematical Geometry and Robot Kinematics

Book: Architectural Geometry
H. Pottmann, A. Asperl, M. Hofer and A. Kilian
Bentley Institute Press (2007), 724 pages.
(2200 figures in color, ISBN 978-1-934493-04-5)

Deutsche Ausgabe:
H. Pottmann, A. Asperl, M. Hofer and A. Kilian
Springer & Bentley Institute Press (2010), 1st Edition., 474 S.
(650 Abb. in Farbe., Geb. ISBN: 978-3-211-99765-9)

Book: Computational Line Geometry
Computational Line Geometry
H. Pottmann and J. Wallner
Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, Berlin u.a. 2001, 565 pp.
(ISBN 3-540-42058-4, 264 figs., 17 in color)

Softcover edition:
Computational Line Geometry
H. Pottmann and J. Wallner
Springer-Verlag, Berlin 2010. ISBN 978-3-642-04017-7.

Selected Publications
Towards efficient 5-axis flank CNC machining of free-form surfaces via fitting envelopes of surfaces of revolution
Pengbo Bo, Michael Bartoň, Denys Plakhotnik and Helmut Pottmann
Computer Aided Design, to appear.
Interactive design of developable surfaces
C. Tang, P. Bo, J. Wallner and H. Pottmann
ACM Trans. Graphics, 35(2), 2016.
Polyhedral Patterns
C. Jiang, C. Tang, A. Vaxman, P. Wonka and H. Pottmann
ACM Trans. Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH Asia), 34(6), 2015.
Precise Gouging-free Tool Orientations for 5-Axis CNC Machining
Y.-J. Kim, G. Elber, M. Bartoň and H. Pottmann
Computer-Aided Design (2015), 15, 220-229.
Cell packing structures.
H. Pottmann, C. Jiang, M. Höbinger, J. Wang, P. Bompas and J. Wallner
Computer-Aided Design (2015), 60, 70-83.
Architectural Geometry
H. Pottmann, M. Eigensatz, A. Vaxman and J. Wallner
Computers and Graphics (2015), vol. 47, 145-164.
Interactive Modeling of Architectural Freeform Structures - Combining Geometry with Fabrication and Statics
C. Jiang, C. Tang, M. Tomičić, J. Wallner and H. Pottmann
AAG 2014.
Form-finding with Polyhedral Meshes Made Simple.
C. Tang, X. Sun, A. Gomes, J. Wallner, and H. Pottmann
ACM Trans. Graphics 33/4 (2014), Proc. SIGGRAPH.
Freeform Honeycomb Structures
C. Jiang, J. Wang, J. Wallner and H. Pottmann
Computer Graphics Forum 33/5 (2014), Proc. Symp. Geom. Processing.
Smooth surfaces from rational bilinear patches
L. Shi, J. Wang and H. Pottmann
Comput. Aided Geom. Design (2014), 31(1), 1-12.
Detection and reconstruction of freeform sweeps.
M. Barton, H. Pottmann and J. Wallner
Computer Graphics Forum 33/2 (2014), Proc. Eurographics.
2007 — 2013
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Work for Scientific Journals
  • Editorial board of Advances in Computational Mathematics
  • Editorial board of Geometry and Computing
  • Editorial board of Graphical Models
  • Editorial board of Computational Visual Media
  • Editorial board of Computer-aided Design