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New Special Research Area Funded by FWF [SFB]

Our research unit is part of the SFB with project:

Higher Order Paneling of Architectural Freeform Surfaces
(PI Martin Kilian, Involved researchers Christian Müller and Udo Hertrich-Jeromin)

Applied Geometry

is a research unit at the Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry.

Our research is guided by a fruitful interplay between theory and applications. It is based on expertise in various fields of geometry, especially classical geometry, and is strongly related to Visual Computing.

We are well known for pioneering contributions to Architectural Geometry, an emerging field of study which is motivated by geometric problems appearing in connection with geometrically complex structures in contemporary architecture.

Our research group is part of the interdisciplinary research Center for Geometry and Computational Design. [GCD]

Our main research fields are also supported by third-party funded projects:

Architectural Geometry
Architectural Geometry Geometric manufacturing solutions for freeform shapes (EU, 2012-2016, H. Pottmann) [GEMS]
Fabrication-Aware Freeform Design based on Shape Space Exploration (FWF, 2011-2015, H. Pottmann) [www]
Digital Fabrication
Digital Fabrication Computational Design of Geometric Materials (WWTF, 2016-2020, P. Musialski) [www]
MAKE-IT-FAB: Modeling of Shapes for Personal Fabrication (FWF, 2015-2018, P. Musialski) [www]
Discrete Differential Geometry
Discrete Differential Geometry Discrete geometric structures motivated by applications in architecture (FWF, DFG, 2012-2020, H. Pottmann) [DGD]
Discrete surfaces with prescribed mean curvature (FWF, 2017-2021, C. Müller) [www]
Generating surfaces from curvature — a playful approach (FWF, C. Müller)
Computer-Aided Design
Computer-Aided Design Algebraic representations in Computer-Aided Design for complex shapes (EU, 2016-2020 H. Pottmann) [ARCADES]