title =      "Sit & Relax: Interactive Design of Body-Supporting Surfaces",
  author =     "Kurt Leimer and Michael Birsak and Florian Rist and
               Przemyslaw Musialski",
  year =       "2018",
  abstract =   "We propose a novel method for interactive design of
               well-fitting body-supporting surfaces that is driven by the
               pressure distribution on the body's surface.   Our main
               contribution is an interactive modeling system that utilizes
               captured body poses and computes an importance field that is
               proportional to the pressure distribution on the body for a
               given pose. This distribution indicates where the body
               should be supported in order to easily hold a particular
               pose, which is one of the measures of comfortable sitting. 	
                Using our approximation, we propose the entire workflow for
               interactive design of $C^2$ smooth surfaces which serve as
               seats, or generally, as body supporting furniture for
               comfortable sitting. Finally, we also provide a design tool
               for Rhino/Grasshopper that allows for  interactive creation
               of single designs or entire multi-person sitting scenarios.
               We also test the tool with design students and present
               several results. 		  Our method aims at interactive design
               in order to help designers to create appropriate surfaces
               digitally without additional empirical design passes.",
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