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Information provided by Danielle Martin from IEEE Computer Society.

Dear Author:

Congratulations! We have been notified that your paper has been accepted for publication by the IEEE Computer Society Press in the proceedings of the Geometric Modeling and Processing (GMP 2004) to be held 13-15 April 2004 in Beijing, China.

The following is an author kit to help you in the preparation of your paper.

No hard copy author kit will be sent.

Regular Papers

You are allowed a total of TEN (10) B/W pages or NINE (9) B/W pages plus ONE (1) color page free of charge. This includes all figures, tables, and references.

Poster Papers

You are allowed a total of FOUR (4) B/W pages free of charge. This includes all figures, tables, and references.

Extra pages
You may purchase at most ONE (1) extra color page for US$300 per page and at most TWO (2) extra B/W pages for US$100 per page.

Please pay extra pages fees with registration.
The organizing committee of GMP 2004 will contact authors for paying the extra page fee.

PLEASE NOTE: Any images that appear in color in any file received WILL BE printed in color. If authors do not want a particular image to be printed in color, the image must be black & white in the file itself.

PLEASE NOTE: Your paper is due by 9 January 2004.

PLEASE NOTE: A signed copyright release form is due by 9 January 2004.

Please put the conference name - GMP'04 - on all correspondence, on the copyright form, and on any mailing envelope. This will assure that your correspondence is directed immediately to my desk.

Please submit your paper electronically to our FTP site.

  • The paper should be uploaded at:

  • ftp://ieeecs@ftp.computer.org/press/incoming/proceedings/gmp04/

    Password: (has been sent to author)

    If you are uploading your paper using a FTP transfer software, you will need to login into our ftp site at: ftp://ftp.computer.org.

    Logon as: ieeecs
    Password: (has been sent to author)

  • Please prepare your U.S. Letter-size (8.5" x 11") paper as a plain ASCII PostScript file with NO encoding, condensing, or encapsulation. If you plan to submit a PDF file, you MUST adhere to the following PDF specifications:

  • Basic PDF distiller settings MUST be changed to:
  • optimized,

  • Acrobat 4.0 compatibility,

  • all graphics at least 300 dpi resolution,

  • ALL fonts are embedded and subset,

  • postscript settings DO NOT override distiller settings,

  • page size is 612.0 x 792.0 points (8.5" x 11").

  • IMPORTANT: Authors must check their final pdf files before submission to verify that all fonts have been properly embedded and subset. Some font manufacturers now flag their fonts to not embed. These fonts must be avoided.

  • All fonts MUST be Type 1 or 3 PostScript fonts from the Latin 1 Fontset.

  • Our PostScript printers will not recognize any other fonts. Do not use TrueType, bitmapped, or Ryumin fonts. More information regarding PostScript fonts is available at:

  • Guidelines for generating and submitting PostScript files are available on our Internet site at:

  • http://computer.org/author/psguide.htm
  • Some older FTP applications (RapidFTP included) may require the user to choose a remote operating system type. In these instances choose: "MS Windows NT - Unix".

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use your last name, first initial when

  • naming and sending your file to the above FTP site, followed by a keyword from your paper title. For example, the filename for J. Smith submitting the paper titled: "On Urquhart's C Logic" would be <smithj_urquhart.ps>
  • If you are submitting two or more files, please number them:

  • smithj_urquhart1.ps, smithj_urquhart2.ps, etc.
  • If there is a file with the same name already in the directory, please use a variation.

  • Files are automatically moved off the FTP site. Please do not re-post your paper if you do not see it on the site.

  • Please FAX your signed copyright release form to
    Danielle Martin at +1 714 761 1784.

  • We cannot publish your paper without this permission.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The copyright form is an attachment to this e-mail.

  • If you prefer, you may mail your copyright form to the following address:

    Attn: Danielle Martin/GMP'04
    IEEE Computer Society Press
    10662 Los Vaqueros Circle
    Los Alamitos, California 90720 USA

    There are several customized attachments to this author kit.
    They contain:


  • Instructions on formatting your paper for the proceedings.


  • A copyright release form that MUST BE SIGNED AND RETURNED WITH YOUR PAPER. Note that you are stating that the material in your paper is original and you have not previously released copyright to it. We cannot publish your paper without this properly filled-out and signed form.


  • To use if you wish reprints of your paper. Please make checks for reprints out to the IEEE Computer Society. (The reprints.pdf attachment below will allow you to type your information directly into the form before you print it out.)

    The AuthGuid.txt attachment is a plain ASCII text file that is an overall guide with instructions for formatting, a copy of the copyright form, and a copy of the reprint form. The Copyright.pdf attachment is formatted to be easier to read and fill out.

    If attached files become unusable during transmission for any reason, you may also access uncustomized copies of them at our FTP site:

    LaTeX formatting macros are also available on our FTP site.

  • Proceedings 8.5 x 11 format - Filename: LaTex macros.zip

  • Available at:

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Danielle Martin
    IEEE Computer Society Press
    10662 Los Vaqueros Circle
    Los Alamitos, CA 90720-1264
    Fax: +1 714 761 1784
    Email: dmartin@computer.org

  • Copyright.pdf

  • AuthGuid.txt

  • instruct.pdf

  • reprints.pdf