pdfquiz - a TeX CAA system

quizpdf provides a TeX macro set to build interactive quizzes. Its primary design goal is simplicity: for the lecturer and for the student alike, while allowing maximal flexibility possible. This is achieved by two principles:

It is my hope that the source code is transparent enough so that a user will be able to add further functionality if needed.

Requirements. For preparation of the quizzes you will need pdftex or pdflatex, which should be part of every modern TeX distribution. For using the quizzes you (or your students) will need a JavaScript aware pdf viewer (a recent version of Acrobat Reader will work fine).

Download. The file pdfquiz.tex contains all the macro definitions. Latex users may also find pdfquiz.sty and sample.tex useful.

Installation. Copy the file(s) to a location, where pdf[la]tex will find them. In most cases the current working directory should work.

Documentation. Running pdftex on the pdfquiz.tex will produce a short documentation. talk.pdf contains the slides of a short presentation for colleagues at the department.

Related Software. Similar (and more complete) quiz software packages are AcroTeX and MacQTeX.

Udo Hertrich-Jeromin
Tue Sep 12 23:25:37 BST 2006