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* Math Forum
* Mathematics Archive - Geometry
* Geometry Newsgroups
* Geometry Formulas and Facts
* The Geometry Junkyard
* Geometry in Action
* History of Mathematics archive,
* Eric Weisstein's world of Mathematics
* Interactive Mathematics
* Visual Mathematics
* Geometry Step by Step

-- Curves

* Famous Curves Index
* Famous Curves Java Index


* Mathematical Surfaces
* Geometry Pages by Paul Bourke
* A Klein Bottle page

--Spatial Visualization

* Open Geometry
* The Geometry Applet
* GANG library & image archive

--Non-Euclidean Geometry

* W.Rath's Non-euclidan Geometry page
* NonEuclid - Hyperbolic Geometry Article + Software
* Euclids Elements (this great book which is so very much unsuitable for teaching in class)


* Virtual Reality Polyhedra
* Uniform Polyhedra - Visual Index
* 59 Stellations of the Icosahedron,
* Reciprocal Polyhedra,
* Crystal and Atomic Structures VRML Gallery

--Tilings and Patterns

* World of Escher
* Totally Tesselated,
* Tilings and Tesselations

--Map Projections

* Picture Gallery of Map Projections,

--Data formats

* Geometry Data Formats by Paul Bourke

Links for teachers and students

* Arbeitsgemeinschaft Darstellende Geometrie
* Arbeitsgruppe Didaktische Innovation
* Ka's Geometriepage
*Suzanne's Mathematics Lessons
* Conjectures in Geometry,
* Manipula Math with Java,
* Mathematics Enrichment ,


* ADG - Österreich
* International Society for Geometry and Graphics (ISGG)

* Fachgr.Geometrie der DMV
* Österr.Math.Gesellschaft
* European Math.Soc.(EMS)

Geometry departments in Austria

* TU Graz, Inst.f. Geometrie
* Uni Innsbruck
* MU Leoben
* Univ.Linz, Inst.f Angewandte Geometrie
* Univ f.angewandte Kunst in Wien
* TU Wien, Inst.f.Diskrete Mathematik und Geometrie


* RWTH Aachen RWTH, Inst.f. Geometrie...
* TU Berlin, Arbeitsgruppe Geometrie 
* Chemnitz, Fachgebiet Geometrie 
* TU Dresden, Inst.f.Geometrie
* Univ.Hamburg, Schwerpunkt Geometrie
* Univ. Kaiserslautern
* Univ. Karlsruhe, FB Darst.Geom.
* TU München, Lehrst.I f. Geometrie

* TU München, Lehrstuhl M9,
* Univ. Siegen, Fachgruppe f. .. Geometrie

--other countries:

* TU Krakau
* Dept. of Geometry, TU Budapest
* Geometry Dept., U Budapest

This list is by no means complete and reflects to a certain extent the page designers' relations with colleages from abroad.

Databases (automatically generated)

* Studienplan Lehramt DG


* Studienplan Lehramt an der TU Wien 2001

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