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Call for Papers

The International Erwin Schrödinger Institute for Mathematical Physics (ESI) is supporting the program Rigidity and Flexibility scheduled for April 23 - May 6, 2006

This consists of two workshops
(1) Flexibility of Polyhedra and Frameworks and
(2) Herissons and Virtual Polytopes
and is aimed at the study of various flexible and rigid structures such as flexible polyhedra and frameworks, polyhedral herissons and virtual polytopes, smooth herissons and smooth surfaces.


All the participants are welcome to run the regular procedure of approval of their participation. This means that you are welcome to contact ESI secretaries ( and
(i) confirm your participation;
(ii) inform they about your arrival / departure days; and
(iii) make a hotel reservation using the list of "ESI-friendly" hotels available via the secretaries (

Even if your are sure that you have already fixed items (i)-(iii) and there is no reason for you to contact ESI secretaries again, please, e-mail information (i)-(iii) both to Victor Alexandrov ( and (c/c) Hellmuth Stachel (


According to the preliminary program the first week will probably be dedicated to the first workshop (Flexibility of Polyhedra and Frameworks ) and the second to Herissons - except a few talks which may be shifted depending on the number of papers and personal schedule of participants.

Talks may be of different duration: 30, 45 or 60 minutes. If necessary, short courses of lectures may be arranged for some participants as well as some participants can give several talks on different subjects.

Please, send a title and an abstract of your talk (or talks), preferable duration of your talk, and, if any, your requests on the date when your talk should be scheduled. Please, send this information both to V. Alexandrov and (c/c) H. Stachel

All ESI guests are welcome to use transparencies and overhead projection or Powerpoint software (a beamer for the projection and a laptop will be available but, definitely, our own laptop will work better).


There is a chance that extended manuscripts of lectures can be published in "Lecture Notes in Mathematics" but the publisher wants to see the more or less completed volume before making the final decision; submitted manuscripts may be useful here.

Important dates:

March 23 - Title and abstract due;
April 23 - Begin of the Workshop 1 in Vienna.

for the organization:
Victor Alexandrov, Idzhad Sabitov, Hellmuth Stachel

Last update April 25, 2006