Institute of
Discrete Mathematics
 and Geometry

Workshop 1: Flexibility
of Polyhedra and Frameworks

In the last decades outstanding results have increased the general interest in flexibility and rigidity: This started 1977 with R. Connelly's construction of a piecewise linear flexible embedding of the 2-sphere into the Euclidean 3-space, a 'flexing sphere'.

It was continued 1996 when I. Sabitov presented the first proof of the famous 'Bellows Conjecture' stating that for every flexible polyhedron in the Euclidean 3-space the volume keeps constant during the flex.

There is still a wide field of open problems left which are motivated by mathematical reasons. But this topic is also very important for many engineering applications - not only for mechanical or constructional engineers, but also for biologists in protein modelling or for the analysis of isomers in chemistry.

This workshop is dedicated to new questions and results around such problems.

Last update March 30, 2005