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Journal for Geometry and Graphics

Journal for Geometry and Graphics (JGG)

The concern of this international scientific journal is to stimulate scientific research and teaching methodology in the field of graphics and graphics-related geometry by the dissemination of new results.

Editorial Board

G. Bertoline (West Lafayette), Y. Charit (Haifa), O. Giering (München), L. D. Goss (Evansville), S. Ino (Hokkaido), B. Januszewski (Rzeszow), R. D. Jenison (Ames), C. Leopold (Kaiserslautern), E. Molnár (Budapest), S. Nagano (Tokyo), K. Suzuki (Tokyo), B. Tong (Beijing), J. P. Tschupik (Innsbruck), G. Weiss (Dresden), K. Yoshida (Osaka).

Managing Editors

Ronald E. Barr, University of Texas, Austin, U.S.A., Michio Kato, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, Hellmuth Stachel, University of Technology, Vienna, Austria.

Further Information

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To contact the Editorial Office of JGG, please send an email to jgg@geometrie.tuwien.ac.at or directly to the editor in chief stachel@dmg.tuwien.ac.at

For submitting a manuscript, send either a pdf to stachel@dmg.tuwien.ac.at or three hardcopies by surface mail to

   Prof. Dr. H. Stachel
Institut für Diskrete Mathematik und Geometrie
TU Wien
Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10/104
A-1040 Vienna, Austria

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