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How to Find Us

Our Institute is at the heart of Vienna, providing easy access to and from all parts of the city and beyond

Freihaus building
Freihaus building, as seen from Wiedner Hauptstaße

Institut für Diskrete Mathematik und Geometrie
Forschungsgruppe Differentialgeometrie und Geometrische Strukturen
Technische Universität Wien
Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10/104
A-1040 Wien, Austria

Phone (+43)-(0)1-58801/10403 (Secretary Mrs. Slama)
Switchboard (+43)-(0)1-58801/0
Rooms Freihaus building, green area
  • 8th floor: Secretary (Room DA 08 K02)
    Staff of our Group
    Classrooms (Zeichensaal 1, CAD-Raum 1, Dissertantenraum)
  • 7th floor: Classrooms (Zeichensaal 3, CAD-Raum 2)
  • 5th floor: Emeritus Professor Hellmuth Stachel
Institute The Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry has the number 104 (or E 104) which is also part of our mailing address.


We encourage you to visit the Institute via public transport.

Public Transport

  • Underground Lines U1, U2, and U4: Karlsplatz station - 5 minutes' walk.
  • Tram Lines 1 and 62: Resselgasse - in front of our building.
  • Interurban Tramway Vienna-Baden (WLB - Badner Bahn): Resselgasse - in front of our building.
  • Tram lines 2, 71 and D: Kärntner Ring, Oper - 10 minutes' walk.
  • Bus 59A: Bärenmühlendurchgang - 2 minutes' walk.
  • Bus 4A: Karlsplatz - 5 minutes' walk.
  • Bus 2A: Kärntner Ring, Oper - 10 minutes' walk.

By Car

  • A car park (fee) is in our building (WIPARK Garage Technische Universität, access from Operngasse 13).
  • Notice: Parking tickets are required everywhere in the city centre, except for night time and weekends.

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