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ISHM2019: Integrable systems and harmonic maps

In the past few decades, several differential-geometric systems have been shown to be integrable. This has led to fruitful research in various fields such as differential geometry and mathematical physics. In particular, theories involving harmonic maps have been greatly enriched using integrable system approaches.
The aim of this conference is to bring together international researchers with expertise in integrable systems and harmonic maps to present recent developments in these fields.
In honour of Professor Francis Burstall's 60th birthday we are planning a conference dinner on Monday evening.
16th - 18th September 2019, schedule
Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Freihaus
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10/104
A-1040 Wien, Austria
Mason Pember and Gudrun Szewieczek
Here you can find the titles and abstracts of the talks.
Confirmed speakers
Francis Burstall (University of Bath, UK)
David Calderbank (University of Bath, UK)
Martin Guest (Waseda University, Japan)
Udo Hertrich-Jeromin (TU Wien, Austria)
Callum Kemp (University of Bath, UK)
Martin Kilian (University College Cork, Ireland)
Katrin Leschke (University of Leicester, UK)
Yoshihiro Ohnita (Osaka City University, Japan)
Rui Pacheco (Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal)
Franz Pedit (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, US)
Áurea Quintino (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)
Wayne Rossman (Kobe University, Japan)
Susana Santos (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)
Chuu-Lian Terng (University of California Irvine, US)
John Wood (University of Leeds, UK)
A list of registered participants can be found here.

On Monday afternoon we are planning to go to Schlosspark Laxenburg for a guided tour through the Franzensburg. Afterwards we will have the conference dinner in the vicinity of the park.
For invited speakers we have pre-reserved rooms at
Motel One - Wien Praterstern
Ausstellungsstraße 40, 1020 Wien
We gratefully acknowledge financial support by the Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry, TU Wien.

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