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Grassmann Spaces

We exhibit the geometry and embeddings of the Grassmann space G(n,d) formed by the d-dimensional subspaces of an n-dimensional projective space over an arbitrary (skew) field F and related topics, like products of Grassmann spaces, Schubert spaces, or flag spaces.


Memomat Roma

Generalised Schubert Varieties

Italian Head of Project: Alessandro Bichara
Dipartimento di Metodi e Modelli Matematici, Università di Roma "La Sapienza"

Austrian Head of Project: Hans Havlicek

Fourth Protocol of Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Italy and Austria (project no. 10).


Hermann Graßmann

Hermann Graßmann

Affine Spaces from Grassmann Spaces

If the ground field F is commutative then the Grassmann space G(3,1) admits a well known point model, namely the Klein quadric lying in a 5-dimensional projective space. Via a stereographic projection a proper subset of the Klein quadric can be mapped bijectively onto a 4-dimensional affine space. So all lines that are skew to a fixed line become the points of a 4-dimensional affine space.

If the ground field F is a proper skew field then there is no point model like the Klein quadric. However, it is still possible to endow the set of all lines that are skew to a fixed line with the structure of an affine space. Thus the construction from above can be carried out irrespective of the existence of the Klein quadric. From a local point of view this affine space may serve as a substitute for the Klein quadric.

Similar constructions are possible for higher dimensions.


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