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Johannes Gmainer

Johannes Gmainer

Research Fellow (FWF) and Faculty Member from 1997 to 1999 and 2001 to 2005

Contact details may be obtained from our Secretary.

Research Interests


  • J. Gmainer: MDS-Codes und (Hyper)-Ovale, Diploma thesis, Vienna University of Technology, 1996 (Supervisor: Hans Havlicek)
  • J. Gmainer: Rationale Normkurven in Räumen positiver Charakteristik, Doctoral thesis, Vienna University of Technology, 1999 (Supervisors: Hans Havlicek, Johann Wiesenbauer)
    Full text (PDF)
  • J. Gmainer and H. Havlicek: Nuclei of normal rational curves, J. Geometry 69 (2000), 117-130.
    Preprint (PDF)
  • J. Gmainer and H. Havlicek: A dimension formula for the nucleus of a Veronese variety, Linear Algebra Appl. 305 (2001), 191-201.
    Preprint (PDF)
  • J. Gmainer: Pascal's triangle, normal rational curves, and their invariant subspaces, Euro. J. Comb., 22 (2001), 37-49.
    Preprint (PDF)
  • J. Gmainer and H. Havlicek: Isometries and collineations of the Cayley surface, Innov. Incidence Geom. 2 (2005), 109-127.
    Preprint (PDF)
  • J. Gmainer and J. M. Thuswaldner: On disk-like self-affine tiles arising from polyominoes, Methods Appl. Anal. 13 (2006), 351-371.

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