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Arvin Rasoulzadeh

PhD Student

Institut für Diskrete Mathematik und Geometrie
Forschungsgruppe Differentialgeometrie und Geometrische Strukturen
Technische Universität Wien
Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10/104
A-1040 Wien, Austria
Phone +44 7762 640692
Email rasoulzadeh@geometrie.tuwien.ac.at
Room DA 08 G02 (8th floor)

Curriculum Vitae

  • Master of Science in Pure Mathematics
  • Member of the Doctoral College Computational Design at TU Wien since 2016

Research Interests


  1. A. Rasoulzadeh and M.T. Masouleh: Singularity configurations analysis of a 4-DOF parallel mechanisms using Grassmann-Cayley Algebra. In Proc. of 4th International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics , pages 222-227, IEEE, 2016, DOI 10.1109/ICRoM.2016.7886850
  2. A. Rasoulzadeh and G. Nawratil: Rational Parametrization of Linear Pentapod's Singularity Variety and the Distance to it. Computational Kinematics (S. Zeghloul et al. eds.), pages 516-524, Springer, 2017, ISBN 978-3-319-60866-2, DOI 978-3-319-60867-9_59 [Extended version on arXiv:1701.09107]
  3. G. Nawratil and A. Rasoulzadeh: Kinematically Redundant Octahedral Motion Platform for Virtual Reality Simulations. Proc. of 12th IFToMM International Symposium on Science of Mechanisms and Machines, Springer (in press) [Extended version on arXiv:1704.04677]
    Supplementary data: Animation of the example given in Fig. 3 of the extended version
  4. A. Rasoulzadeh and G. Nawratil: Linear Pentapods with a Simple Singularity Variety. (2017) [arXiv:1712.06952]


  1. 7th IFToMM International Workshop on Computational Kinematics (CK), Futuroscope-Poitiers May 22-24 2017, France, paper presentation.
  2. 4te IFToMM D-A-CH Konferenz, Lausanne February 15-16 2018, Switzerland, Title: Lineare Pentapoden mit einfacher Singularitätsvarietät. [Abstract]

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