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Characterisations of Geometric Transformations

Our aim is to characterise transformation groups via the invariance of a single geometric notion.


ultraparallel lines

Plücker Transformations

This term has been coined by Walter Benz (Hamburg, Germany) in his book Geometrische Transformationen for a group of transformations which preserve a single reflexive and symmetric relation.

For example, let G be a group acting faithfully on the set of lines of a hyperbolic space H such that any two lines that meet orthogonally go over to lines with the same property. Then G is isomorphic (as a transformation group) to the group of hyperbolic motions of H up to the exceptional case when dim H = 3.

In a three-dimensional hyperbolic space the situation is completely different due to the existence of non-continuous automorphisms of the field of complex numbers.

The picture on the left hand side shows two ultraparallel lines a, b in the Cayley-Klein model of the hyperbolic plane together with their common perpendicular line n.


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